An oasis of peace in the Itria Valley between the Adriatic and Ionian Seas

Immersed in the scents and colors of the countryside, in the area between the baroque of Martina Franca and the "cummerse" of Locorotondo, the Masseria is located halfway between the crystalline beaches of the Ionian Sea and the jagged coasts of the Adriatic Sea.

Petra Nevara

The Petra Nevara establishment had the added value of the deep snow cellar at a constant temperature of 10-12 degrees, which was used for storing the wine in underground cisterns and for refining the large wooden barrels. The walls that were used to support the larger barrels are still present in the snow house, and parts of barrels were also present when the restoration began. The refinement of the Petra Nevara wines takes place in the Neviera, in more modern 350 liter oak barrels.